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Jessica Brubaker | Co-Founder and President, #bettereveryday

Survivor, wearer of many hats, eternal-optimist, lover of wine, recovering junk food junkie.

Jessica Brubaker is a mom, daughter, friend and co-worker. With her husband, Reed, she co-founded #bettereveryday in 2016 to help pay forward the love and generosity they were given by others during her own journey with breast cancer.

An eternal optimist, Jessica believes there is good in every situation, and she seeks to help others find that good, in their own way, in their own lives, every day.

A native Coloradan, Jessica has spent much of her adult life in the mid-west before embracing the opportunity to move to her happy place – Northern California – with her husband Reed, and their three daughters.

Contact Jessica: jessica@bettereverydayweb.com

Reed Brubaker | Co-Founder, Vice President and Treasurer, #bettereveryday

Supporter, realist, committed, man of the house, pizza and wine aficionado. 

Reed Brubaker found himself in the middle of the world’s worst April Fools’ joke the day his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. A realist at his core, her journey showed him that good can come from the most unexpected of situations and places, a realization that led him to help co-found #bettereveryday with Jessica in 2016.

Contact Reed: reed@bettereverydayweb.com

Dr. Arti Lakhani | Secretary, #bettereveryday

Grateful, curious, doesn’t sweat the small stuff, lover of chocolate and peanut butter (eaten together at the same time), lives by the Golden Rule.

Arti A. Lakhani, MD is board certified in the fields of Internal Medicine, Hematology, and Oncology and currently practices hematology/oncology in the Chicagoland area. She is also trained in Integrative Medicine and has established an Integrative Oncology Department, one that incorporates evidence-based complementary and alternative methods into cancer care. She met Jessica just days after her diagnosis and – serving as her oncologist – guided her through her treatment in a way that aligns with her mission to not only treat disease, but to improve quality of life and empower the patient to take an active role in their personal health. It was this approach that created a forever-bond between Jessica and Arti, resulting in her ongoing support of #bettereveryday.

Contact Arti: arti@bettereverydayweb.com

Jill Manata | Utility Advisor, #bettereveryday

Genuine friend, family glue, life enthusiast, spice addict, silver-lining seeker.

Inspired by Jessica’s story, Jill joined the team in support of enabling #bettereveryday. Jill applies her career experience in corporate responsibility, public affairs and stakeholder engagement to the cause, advising on strategy, operating procedures, communications and sponsorships. Her lifelong motivation has been to make a positive difference.

Contact Jill: jill@bettereverydayweb.com

Hayden Brubaker | Shipping Manager, #bettereveryday

Adorable, big-hearted, sassy, silly, lover of all things pink and sparkly. 

As her first official after-school job, Hayden loves sending #bettereveryday chemo care totes. She makes sure every tote is sent off with lots of love and hugs to help make the recipient’s day. Her goal is to send more totes this year than there are days.

Contact Hayden: bettereverydayEMAIL@gmail.com

Mike MacKenzie | Volunteer, #bettereveryday

Husband, dad, loyal friend, prayer warrior, class clown

Having known and worked with Jessica for a number of years, Mike has been and always will be a member of Team Jess. Inspired by her journey and the grace and strength she has provided others along the way, Mike is part of the team to help amplify her energy so that others may experience #bettereveryday. A faith-filled family man, Mike is thankful for and humbled by the opportunity to assist Jess, Reed, their family and friends in this mission.

Contact Mike: bettereverydayEMAIL@gmail.com

E-mail bettereverydayEMAIL@gmail.com Hours always on - fb: @bettereverydaypage | instagram: @bettereverydayinsta
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