who we are, what we do and why

Who we are…

I’m Jessica Brubaker and my husband Reed and I created #bettereveryday, a passion project that has – thanks to the help of many – grown into this amazing movement. You can learn more about our full team here.

What we do…

Our mission is to provide support, resources and inspiration to help cancer patients – and those closest to them – live a life that gets #bettereveryday.

We pursue this goal every day through our efforts including our signature #bettereveryday chemo care tote program and focusing on all the good – big and small – in our lives.

And why…

On April 1, 2016 – at the age of 32 – I was diagnosed with breast cancer. A wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, employee… there were too many positive reasons to let that day define any aspect of my life.

Shortly after my diagnosis I received two of the most impactful pieces of advice I have ever received: “Develop a mantra to repeat in the tough moments” and “Approach this from a place of healing instead of a place of fight.”

So here we are… getting #bettereveryday.

Some days better means it doesn’t rain (other days it means it does)… sometimes better is a few extra cuddles from my girls… others it’s the test results we’ve been anxiously waiting to hear coming back with the news we so desperately needed. Getting to the mindset was easy because life quickly showed me, whether it’s a person, a message or a gesture… I have been blessed with many reasons to get #bettereveryday.

This movement is about all the ways life gets better when you let it, even with its challenges. It’s about my family, my friends and the many notes, gifts, and gestures that restore your faith in humanity. It’s my daily journey to better.

Community has been a huge part of this journey so I want to share this mindset with the world so that others… no matter what challenge they may be facing… may find hope, light, reasons to believe… and may live a life that truly gets #bettereveryday.


We respect you, your loved ones and your privacy. Click here to learn more


E-mail bettereverydayEMAIL@gmail.com Hours always on - fb: @bettereverydaypage | instagram: @bettereverydayinsta
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