#bettereveryday chemo care totes

Inspired by the many care packages and letters I received – from friends and strangers alike – during my treatment, #bettereveryday chemo care totes are reusable tote bags filled with goodies intended to bring chemo patients comfort and joy on their journey.

The totes, goodies and shipping costs are covered through the generous donations of companies and individuals.

To date we have distributed more than 400 #bettereveryday chemo care totes to chemo patients in more than 30 states across the country. Click here to nominate someone you care about to receive a tote.

We respect you, your loved ones and your privacy. Click here to learn more

about #bettereveryday chemo care totes

While exact tote prints and goodies may vary, there are a few things that are consistent. Read on to learn more about what is included in each #bettereveryday chemo care tote.

Thirty-One® Gifts Reusable, Thermal Lunch Tote

The foundation of it all, we love this high-quality tote because it’s perfect for bringing lunch or snacks to long treatments.

Superhero socks

I wore similar socks to every chemo treatment to help bring out my inner super hero. We put a pair in each tote in hopes it will do the same for others.

Adult coloring book, crayons and colored pencils

It’s been proven that coloring can relieve stress. I found that to be true during my treatments… and would add that it can help pass time, too!

Lip balm, hand sanitizer and tissues

Essentials to help keep patients comfortable and healthy.

Hard candies and/or mints

Popping a hard candy or mint can help offset strange tastes caused by medicines or treatments


A gentle mouthwash (such as Biotene®) that can help with mouth sores that often occur as a side effect of chemo.


Chemo can cause incredibly dry skin (sometimes known as “chemo rash”). A good lotion (such as Working Hands® Hand Cream) can help.

A fun headwrap, scarve or hat

For those who loose their hair, a little something to help keep them warm (and stylish).

A good, reusable water bottle and yummy snacks

Because it’s important to stay hydrated and nourished before, during and after chemo treatments.

Five #bettereveryday® bands

That’s one band for the recipient and four to share with the people who are helping them on this journey as a daily reminder to each of them to stay focused on the good.

A note lending our support

At its core, the reason we do all of this is so that others on this journey know they are not alone, we’re all cheering for them. A handwritten note in each tote relays this support on behalf of the sender and all who made the tote possible.



Tote and tote goodies may vary. We send these goodies because we found them helpful during my treatment, that said we always recommend that recipients talk with their doctor prior to using to ensure they’re right for them. 

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